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This viewer has been created for the purpose of viewing Polstitches Designs fabrics. The pattern images here are only used to give an idea of the the suitability of a colour and hue in relation to a design and do not represent a final stitched piece.

REMEMBER: Colours of fabrics viewed on monitors will not always match the actual fabric. Some colours such as thread colours may be brighter or darker when stitched and many hand dyed fabrics are unique.


For viewer to work please select Image position button to Left before selecting image and fabric.
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Joan Elliott:


lavender and Lace:
Bella Filipina
Passione Ricamo
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*Please note that Polstitches Design has obtained the permission of the designers used in the viewer and therefore adhered to copywrite.We would also like to thank Jayne of jekdesign.com for permission to use her original template for the viewer.

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